Daily Activities 
• Circle Time
• language Center
• Pre-Literacy Center 
• Early Learners Math 
• Let's Explore (science)
• Imaginary Play 
• Instructional Tech Time 
• Free Choice Activities 
• Out Door Activities 
• Arts and Craft 
• Music/Dance 
• Fine Motor Activities
• Gross Motor Activities 


 Special Activities

  • Water Works- Every other Friday, when weather permits, we will engage in water activities. This can vary from playing inside a baby wading pool to enjoying sprinkler games. EACH CHILD WILL BE PROVIDED WITH APPROPRIATE SWIM WEAR FOR WATER WORKS DAYS. At registration each child's size will be taken for their very own swim suit/swim trunks that will remain at Let's Take A Journey. No two children will ever share the same swim apparel. This will be provided to make things easier for parents as well as ensure that no child is unable to participate due to lack of appropriate clothing. 


  • Gymnastics- A Gymnastics session will be held every Thursday. Gymnastics focuses greatly on a variety of gross motor skills, such as balance and jumping in a variety of different positions and on a variety of different surfaces. This helps your child generalize these skills so he/she will perform better in our constantly changing environment. Gymnastics also helps with core, arm and leg strengthening and works on coordination between different body parts. I have instructed gymnastics classes as well as coached cheerleading for a number of years. No child will be pushed beyond their limits. This simply be will be a fun way to get moving and build gross motor 


  • Birthday Bonanza- Each Scholar will be given special recognition on their birthday. We will celebrate by enjoying a segment of the day devoted to engaging in your child's favorite activities. We will then top off the celebration with Cupcakes and a special gift.